Herbal Energy Bath Tea Soak ☕️

Herbal Energy Bath Tea Soak ☕️

Herbal Energy Bath Tea Soaks

This unique blend of organic wildflowers, herbs and Epson salts create a relaxing wellness experience at home! Our bath tea has been crafted to relax sore muscles, soothe skin sensitivities, and most importantly relieve stress.

🛁 Keeping bag closed, start by placing tea bag under hot running bath or shower water then allow tea bag to steep in your bath water. Releasing stress reducing herbal aromas & skin loving ingredients.
🚿 For shower use hang tea bag on shower head allowing hot water to run over tea bag & onto your body.

Herbal Blends (Hibiscus, Camomile, Rose petals,marigold leaves, Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Epson Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt & Orange peel powder