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Sprinkle Sprinkle Natural Dusting Body Powder with Puff


‼️Freshen up yourself, and everything else!

‼️Silky, Absorbent Powder without Talc or baking soda
Our odor-blocking powder gently soothes dry, itchy skin, leaving your skin soft, dry, and fragrant.

‼️Sprinkle on the body where you have excess sweat and odor.
Use to prevent chafing.
Sprinkle on your feet before putting on shoes and socks.
Sprinkle on your scalp to absorb dirt and oil, and leave your hair smelling divine.
Sprinkle anywhere you want to keep odors in check- drawers, gym gear or shoes.

🔑 Key Ingredients:
•Arrowroot Powder- Skin Softener
•Zinc- Soothes chafing, irritated & itchy skin
•White Bentonite Clay- Odor absorbing
•Cornstarch- Deodorizer, Absorbs

Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, cornstarch, zinc, White bentonite Clay, Zinc magnesium, Fragrance