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Juicy Fruit Deodorizing Body Sticks


Having moments of feeling not so fresh and you're nowhere near a bath or shower!? We got you covered!

More than just your armpits stink!
Introducing our newest Juicy Fruit Deodorizing Whole Body Stick!

🔑Made with Ingredients such as Zinc, Shea Butter, Arrowroot powder & Bentonite Clay this stick helps to:

•Absorb Sweat
•Prevent Chaffing
•Deodorizes Your entire body
•Heals Rashes & soothes irritation
•Keeps skin soft & moisturized
•Leaves you smelling deliciously wonderful all day


Juicy Fruit can be used anywhere on your body including: Armpits, under breast, inner thighs, feet and ANYWHERE odor causing sweat occurs .

JUICY FRUIT has a A fabulously fruity blend of apples, peaches and apricots blended with effervescent citrus notes giving this a wonderful sparkly note. Delicious sweet red berries are blended throughout with hints of coconut and sweet sugar crystals sprinkled with magical pixie dust.✨

Shea butter, Arrowroot powder, Sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, Bentonite Clay, Zinc Magnesium, Aloe Vera, Cornstarch, Candelilla wax.